It is the largest manufacturer and marketer of chewing gum in the world. Cynthia began modeling alongside her twin sister, Brittany, when they were 11 years old. They were singers who had no real interest in acting who signed a contract with Wrigley in 1959. However, Linda wasnt the only twin feeling terrible about the situation. Doublemint's chewy mint has two layers: a thin, crispy outer shell and a chewy, freshening core. The advert empowered twins all around the world. Today, both Linda and Lisa have their own families. There are too many to list here, but theres a fun connection to Brittany Daniel. The gum was traditionally grey/beige in color, almost the same color as Juicy Fruit and Doublemint. One of the next iterations of the twins were Jennie and Terrie Frankel, who made the role their own in the late 1960s. They are great for an instant fresh feeling that's oh-so satisfying to chew. Eventually, the Doublemint craze would come back with a new incarnation. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee . They initially earned fame through appearing in several popular publications including "YM" and "Seventeen", and for a brief time they were also known as the Doublemint Twins thanks to their numerous appearance in ads of Doublemint gum. ET on OWN. Lovely, sunny, and vibrant blonde bombshell Patricia Barnstable was born on May 23, 1951 in Louisville, Kentucky. The film . The Yokubinas twins werent the first identical siblings to don the Doublemint colors. Chicago natives Terrie and Jennie Frankel were both musically gifted and often accompanied their father to the Great Lakes Naval Hospital to perform for the patients there. Theres not much information on what the Macrkell Twins did later in life. In addition to hefty paychecks, the twins got to go to various locations, like the Canadian Rockies and Hawaii, to shoot chewing gum commercials. This iconic duo graced our TV screens from 1985 to 1995, representing Wrigley's gum on the global stage. Nowadays, they are known as Linda Puffer and Lisa Cox, but back in the 80s, they were better known as the Doublemint Twins. My hope is that people will take (anxiety) seriously, not be afraid of any label and really get the help they need. But what could have been the root of these issues? Later on, Daniel left acting . We had a bump in the road in our relationship, Linda confessed. Long before the Yokubinas were even a thought in the world, there was another pair of twins that first represented Wrigleys Joan and Jayne Knoerzer. It was this duality of emotions.. But soon, Wrigley came calling. If felt like rejection, she says, still emotional. The demolition of the factory began almost a decade later in 2014. Chicle tells us everything that happened next. At that defining moment, when things became unbearable for Linda, Lisa was there to comfort her. Identical twins Patricia and Priscilla Barnstable were so popular as the Doublemint Twins that they were later asked to pose for Playboy magazine. One came back to Cobb more than 25 years ago, and her sister returned in 2005. Wrigley has been in the business of using twins in its commercials a lot longer than Toni Home Perms and being a Doublemint Twin was a more prestigious gig, so June and Patricia took their twin star power to the gum company. Linda and Lisa Yokubinas starred as the Doublemint Twins in 1985 and held the roles for 10 years, according to the Chicago Tribune. Sherry Robinson. June and Patricia Mackrell were signed to be the Toni Twins, another brand that used twins in their marketing. Wm. Derek Riker and Drew Riker are a team of Twins/Models on The Amazing Race 3. It is made by the Mars owned Wrigley CompanyWrigley CompanyThe Wm. The Yokubinas twins were the most recognizable faces of Wrigleys gum for a decade. By JJ Foster - August 24, 2019 Nowadays, they are known as Linda Puffer and Lisa Cox, but back in the 80s, they were better known as the Doublemint Twins. As the great-grandchild of Harry M. Warner one of the founders of Warner Bros. the California native developed an interest in acting and pursued a career in film (per IMDb).Soon he was cast among future superstars like Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck in the 1992 drama "School Ties." She's also an artist and certified yoga instructor. It would prove to be a stepping stone to greater things for many who took on the mantle after the Knoerzer twins. 2023 Jeopardy! Since then their love for each other and their bonds are strong again. I didnt want to be around her, she said. However, the Daniel twins were fortunate as they would end up being cast as the Wakefield twins in the hit TV show Sweet Valley High. I was ashamed that I was envious, I was ashamed that I needed that attention or affirmation. Their dancing led to modeling careers. The 1970s had the Mackrell twins, who were already the face of another brand. The company loved to capitalize on the word double and introduced the Doublemint twins in 1939. They started their stint as the Doublemint Twins back in 1959. Doublemint Doublemint is a variety of chewing gum made by the Wrigley Company; according to early advertisements, it is "double strength" peppermint flavored. Big Red was available in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the mid to end of the 1990s, but is no longer available there. Barnstable was the father of identical twin actresses, Priscilla "Cyb" and Patricia Barnstable, known for their roles in the television series Quark. Jean Sagal, Liz Sagal (Photo by The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images). This would prove to be just the first of many utterances of the Doublemint twins. She was the twin sister of Terri Moore who joins the teens in the house next. Later twins projected more sex appeal in keeping with trends in American advertising; the Barnstable twins were later asked to pose for Playboy[4] due to their popularity as spokeswomen for the gum. As his name suggests, Eddie spoke in an echo-like manner, repeating anything he said twice. The twins made a concerted effort to act as individuals. Sort: Relevant Newest # country # twins # soul train # gum # yeehaw # green # retro # women # commercial # twins # vintage # commercial # twins # 60s # 1960s Linda Ryan Puffer and Lisa Winters Cox were the longest-running twins, who became iconic while starring in the famous Wrigley chewing gum . The pair represented Doublemint in the 90s and went through exactly the same issues as Linda and Lisa. Swedish! Twins! [7], As teenagers, the twins learned to dance. Nowadays, they are known as Linda Puffer and Lisa Cox, but back in the 80s, they were better known as the Doublemint Twins. Feb 7 2023. This is in no small part due to the fact they simply did it the longest, for ten years, in fact. The advert empowered twins all around the world. . As the Doublemint Twins, they wore similar clothes, flew to Hawaii and Canada to shoot their commercials, and were the picture of happy teenagers. Long after making the commercials and after they stopped airing, Linda & Lisa lived apart in Atlanta. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Linda and Lisa Yokubinas starred as the Doublemint Twins in 1985 and held the roles for 10 years, according to the Chicago Tribune. In the 1970s, June and Patricia Mackrell signed on to be the Toni Twins, representing Toni Home Perms. I was glad to share, Linda said. They acted in small roles on shows like The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, and Whos The Boss. Tina was occupied . It was really incredible to be able to take those trips, Lisa said. However, the twins have finally revealed the challenges that have threatened their relationship since their Doublemint days. Eventually, the 80s came along, and a new pair of twins were ready to take over, In 1985, Wrigleys cast Linda and Lisa Yokubinas to be the Doublemint models of the new era. Cynthia appeared in Basketball Diaries and That 80s Show before retiring from acting in 2002. The most recent twins, Nicole and Natalie Garza, represented the brand in 2005. Today, the twins relationship is a solid one. These twins are in 'Doublemint' condition. Part of their adverts depicted them riding a joint bike in a variety of everyday situations. They're famous for their peppermint gum, advertised for its "double" flavor introduced in 1914. Surely enough, they werent the only ones who were experiencing these problems. ET 7:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. ETCheck Your Local Listings I basically had a personal crisis. In the early 1990s, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, who are technically fraternal twins, not identical twins, joined the Doublemint Twin family. 12:30 p.m. - 1 p.m. Between 1959 and 1963, they starred in a variety of Doublemint commercials. Identical twins Jayne and Joan Boyd of Hammond, Indiana, appeared in a series of 12 Doublemint Chewing Gum commercials from 1959 through 1963 playing tennis, riding bicycles, and sliding on toboggans as they touted the company's jingle "Double your Pleasure, Double Your Fun With Doublemint Gum." They got married in 1983. Judges will be seeing double at the Miss Illinois-USA Iconic 'Doublemint Twins' Reveal 'Debilitating' Darkness That Nearly Tore Them Apart, In 1985 The Doublemint Twins Were Thrust Into Stardom But Jealousy Almost Destroyed It All. "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun!" Jason Merritt/FilmMagic/ Getty Images. Jayne and Joan Knoerzer, 21-year old twins from Hammond, Indiana, were the original Doublemint Twins. Wrigley Jr. CompanyThe Wm. The show ultimately never made to series. So to help Linda combat her deep depression, Lisa started sitting down and spoke with her sister, building bridges, working out differences, etcetera, etcetera. Cynthia played Elizabeth Wakefield, while Brittany played Jessica. , What was the first flavor of Wrigley's gum? "It just formed a wall between us. You might remember the one where they lost their hats next to a swimming pool. , Where is the Barnstable Brown Party 2022? You probably also recognize them singing the Double your pleasure, Double your fun jingle written by the Arthur Meyerhoff Ad company. Wrigley Jr. Co., which is based in Chicago and now operates as a subsidiary of candy giant Mars, launched the Doublemint brand in 1914. Make your connections more delighted & fresh with Doublemint chewies. They were a more iconic brand that could have been a stepping stone to more prestigious work. As a result, the campaign came to an end, at least for a temporary period. Even though she lived six miles away from Lisa in Atlanta, they felt like millions of miles apart. Both are actresses and have appeared on several TV shows. This meant that both twins struggled to find individual work. Although Linda and Lisa could relate to each other during this tough times, it also caused growing tensions between the pair. But when they left the roles, things took a dark turn. Although they came from humble beginnings in a small town in Illinois, the twins catapulted into stardom as a result of their new roles. Professional singers, the twins had no plans to become actresses and models until they signed their contract with Philip K. Wrigley in 1959. From 1959, the original "Doublemint Twins" were 21-year-old Jayne and Joan Knoerzer (professionally using their mother's maiden name, Boyd) of Hammond, Indiana, who appeared in advertisements for Doublemint until 1963 when Joan became pregnant. Northeastern sophomore Joyce Esquerre hopes to make the whole world see double as she and her sister entered a contest to be Wrigley's next Doublemint Twins. Lisa, now known as Lisa Winters-Cox or LA Winters for short, is married as well and is still active in the entertainment industry. But surely there was more at play here, As they got older, Lindas jealousy of her sister drove her away from her. This eventually led to career options outside of the ads. Jayne and Joan Knoerzer, 21-year old twins from Hammond, Indiana, were the original Doublemint Twins. Since making amends in recent times, Linda and Lisa are best friends once again. She has also appeared on series like Blackish, Dawson's Creek and others. They signed with the Wrigley Company to be the next generation of Doublemint Twins in the late 1960s, at the height of the Vietnam War. Doublemint Gum Commercials, as the Doublemint Twins. Packs of Wrigley's Doublemint chewing gum are displayed in this studio image in London, U.K., on Monday . Here are the happy twins with Lindas granddaughter. Read more Read less But who are the current twins representing Wrigleys? Get the item you ordered or get your money back. It was really hard., But Lisa couldnt watch her sister sink any lower and decided she was going to be there for Linda literally. Barnstable died on January 26, 2019, aged 93. . They are incredibly talented and sing many fun songs about enjoying the taste of Doublemint gum. Liz and Jean Sagal, whose sister is Katey Sagal of MarriedWith Children fame, were Doublemint Twins in the 1980s. This partnership was extremely beneficial for the two, as it ended up as a career for them. And the most amazing thing about it is that Linda is a grandmother! However, producers didnt see it that way and as a result, Linda and Lisa were often typecast. Needless to say, the job would change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Patricia graduated from Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky in 1969. They were the first twins in history to appear on television! kamala harris approval rating cnn,

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