Stuffed up feels!

What is a Sunday without Chole Bhature?


It’s an incomplete day. Period.

Waking up on a lazy Sunday, no mood to cook or even call for a delivery, we head out in our pyjamas & running hoodie to grab these amazing hot bubbling Bhatura’s in our very neighborhood.

Sharma Ji Bhature Wale

This joint started as a vendor outside/near Moolchand Metro station but now is stationed in Lajpat Nagar because of legal constraints and of course now hygiene with Covid protocols.
Wee, do they follow it? Go checkout & you will be amazed.

Their USP is that they don’t put onion and garlic in their recipe and trust me you won’t even notice the same. Their Bhaturas is lightest of all due to the way they cook, in fact, even the chole has no to a minimal use of vegetable oil.

Yes, I mean it.

Last but not the least, they serve ultra spicy pickle which is usually carrot and green chilies in winters but the same is topped by green mango slices in the summer months. We simply love that addition.

On your right, it’s our very own

Piping Hot Bhature

Anand Ji Bhature wale.

They don’t need an introduction as they are much popular on Zomato already. Some businessmen know how to expand and catch up with recent trends and they are those. In the Covid lockdown situation, they were the best to follow norms and no sarcasm there.

They did not allow for any takeaways except by Zomato delivery guys plus no way you can eat in or around the joint. Now, it’s back to normal but yeah entry with masks.

Talking about “chole bhature” they serve, it’s one of the finest and well made. Unlimited onion, pickle, and of course chole which is quite the opposite of Sharma Ji.

So, what are you waiting for this Sunday, lift up your lazy bum and grab these amazing bites

Meal for 2

INR 150

~Appetitravel recommends~

“Eat bhature every sunday and in some case Saturday is not bad either”

Walk it up to burn some calories and gain a dozen more. It’s around the corner.

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