Who says, you can go GOA only for a week long trip, I mean of course one can and should but for the lads who just want beach after a full week throttle at work, I will simply say, go ahead.

We can help you plan your flights, hotel and even way back, with and without falling sick on Monday. [Hope you know what I mean ;-)]

First off, plan your Friday really well that you can wrap things up by 5 pm if not, you have to carry your laptop. So, up to you guys!


Now, there are about 15+ direct flights leaving from Delhi Airport from 6pm to 11 pm on both Thursday’s(those who want 1 more day at the beach) and Friday’s.

Want to travel a bit cheap? Go ahead and book the flights with one stop over(Mumbai), you won’t even feel it if you are a flight sleep baby and save about 4k INR in total)


Up next, you can either book hotels usually on sites like booking.com or makemytrip.com, last moment hotel deals are the best there. Why? I would say just do your math and logical reasoning for the same, else google it out. Some quick pointers to note

  • You need a two-night stay(Friday night, Saturday night & save on Sunday fare)
  • If you plan to leave on a Monday morning, then yeah either you need to pay for Sunday’s accommodation or there is a trick, which is mentioned at the end of the post.
  • Now, while choosing the hotels, be wise. If you simply want to wander and chill on the beach, beachside stays go really well. (CHEAP & BEST)
  • If you JUST want to relax in a beach-side resort, we would recommend, go to the southern part of Goa and do just the same.

Beleza By the Beach Near Colva Beach

Lalit Golf & Spa Resorts Near Palolem Beach

What to do on a weekend getaway in GOA?

Again, some bullets, since I am still not out of my work ethics & way of working.

  • When you land in Goa since it’s gonna be like 11 or more, it’s strictly advisable to directly go to a pub like LPK for nice drinks and party. Sorry, no suggestions for heading to beach at this hour. Neither it’s safe from high tides perspective, nor it’s any longer allowed to grab a beer on the beachside. You can chill out on a beach shack though.
  • Next up, go and sleep, but do get up for breakfast, maybe sleep again post that. (Appetitravel strictly recommends not to miss breakfast, be it a vacation or even at home.)
  • Since you are for a short time into the paradise, make every minute count and save every second of travel hop in almost always scorching sun. Hire a 2 wheeler! There are many vendors offering a Honda Activa to Vespa 2XL, hire what you like and try to go for yellow number plate ones, they are actually the ones with permits.
    Now, you are all set to head out.

Want to do something new or gulp really nice food, keep reading below, or jump to how to get back to face Monday blues.

Source: knowyourmeme.com

Breakfast is already sorted at the hotel but I know some of the travelers despite the mention, won’t be able to get up on time. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Head out to these joints/cafes depending which location you are staying or how much are you ready to hold your hunger pangs.

  • Cafe Candolim – Sinquerim/Candolim Beach
  • Brittos – Baga Beach
  • Beyond Dosas – Anjuna Beach
  • Grab a freshly made watermelon juice and a regular omelet at multiple outlets while you head out. No specific choices here, just see what you find a neat and tidy place.

Everyday brings new choices – Martha Beck

  • Next Up TODO is –> Munch or Lunch : Beer or Burger

Well, we go for both. Life is short, so make every ounce of food count.
~ Appetitravel

Check out these nice places to have an amazing lunch.

  • Fisherman’s Cove.
  • Brittos(yet again!), their food is amazing and so is the ocean view.
  • Thalassa
  • Purple Martini(for a great ocean view from the top)
  • Fat Fish

You already have a nice Vespa with you by now, so head out. There are a plethora of things to do.

> Explore a far fetched beach you would have never visited before,e.g. Arambol

>>> Try a Goan delicacy

>>>>> Take a good Dip in the ocean and sip a cocktail/mocktail to beat the heat.

>>>>>> Go for a quick jetski ride or for the thrill lovers, try a banana ride.

Is it Saturday Night ALREADY?

Goa’s nightlife in one word is EPIC!

Be it a nightclub or a nice LIT beach shack. Both have their amazing sense of music pouring out of line array of speakers. Saturday specials on top of it.

So, what I basically meant is, it’s time to Suit Up!

For beach party scenes, I will save the effort and recommend you Baga Beach. Some folks might say, it’s busy, it’s dirty by the night but it has the most sought-out nightlife in the entire goa. The rest of the beaches are kind of shut by 11 pm or so but Baga turns into new colors of neon as the night progresses.

Now reading the above lines, some of you would be thinking, where will I wear that sexy back drop dress or the sleek blazer and trousers I got for saturday night in goa. Well, then Baga is not for you this time, maybe sometime again.

Here’s a list of clubs which we have been on these getaways and had a great time.

  • LPK
  • SINQ
  • Club Tito’s(never been but there is something about it that attracts so many tourists)


Assuming, you are going to get up late on Sunday afternoon after having those buckets of beer last night or sipping 1 martini after another.

Refer above mentioned cafes or lunch places & you are sorted.

If you are planning to return on Monday morning and don’t want to spend money on Hotel Stay, then you can head to a Casino. There are multiple casinos in Goa.

Our favorite is the Deltin Casino Royale. They serve really good food and drinks. They have nonstop entertainment shows going on all evening. Their vibe is pretty amazing and social distancing is followed for a change.

Before entering a casino

Returning Home

  • Get a flight on Sunday night or Monday morning to be correct like 12:30, this has a benefit that you save on the hotel cost of Sunday and still can get 4 hrs of sleep before you start your bloody Monday.

What Next?

Plan next visit to GOA.

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