an ability to lock off the electronics and wheel and some storage in the tank would be some handy improvements that would make an absolutely awesome machine even better. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. With a pedelec bike, no power assistance is provided at speeds in excess of 25 kph. PowerPack 400 are lithium-ion batteries with 400Wh, available as rack or frame batteries, the latter sits very close to the center of gravity, which has advantages in manoeuvrability. The optimized 3-sensor concept measures 1000 times per second with maximum precision for optimal power tuning and a new, unique riding experience. As the Bosch mid motor just allows one chainring, our JARIFA is 1by only and it is not possible to change to 2by. Drops are intended to be limited to 15 cm or less. And wasnt this hill steeper before or is that due to the selected support recommendation? Whether youre looking for a saddle or a helmet, Crooze also stocks a huge range of accessories to keep you safe and help keep your bike on the road. The result: a more pleasant riding experience and optimum range. For exceptional performance on extended runs, this version has an enhanced fork, gearbox, and dropper. We have no influence on the content behind the link. 1.1. In the event of an objection, Bosch eBike Systems reserves the right to end the user relationship in accordance with section 5. 4.5 h, 50% in < 2 h. 40-cell packs with the highest energy density (190Wh/kg) on the market and the lowest weight and volume. Whats more, e-bikes offer an eco-friendly alternative to commuting to and from work or school in an automobile. Electric bikes are a popular transportation option in countries where the electric grid runs on clean energy. During the registration process you will be asked to provide various details. If you have reason to believe that unauthorized third parties have acquired or will acquire your access data, you must notify the Bosch eBike Systems Service Hotline immediately. Ltd., 1555 Centre Rd, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia. Thanks to the mountain bike geometry, it feels at home off-road. The new PowerPack 500 reaches its full charge in no more than 4.5 hours. No reviews. You can record cadence, speed, and torque in real-time with up to 1000 measurements/second. 417 Brighton Road Brighton 5048 South Australia. Its the real deal guys. Lekker Amsterdam + E-Bike - Electric Bikes Australia (Credit: Lekker Bikes) Key Features: Bafang Rear hub motor, 30Nm Torque Motor, WTB Horizon 650B x 47c Black Tyres . Get our product reviews and other news Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for ambitious and athletic riding, Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off road and in city traffic, Effective support at maximum efficiency for maximum range, No support, all cycle computer functions are available, Compatible with Active Line and Performance Line,compatible with Classic+ Line via adapter plug (accessory), 400Wh: 50 % in approx. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Dieses eBike mit Bosch-System zeichnet sich durch seine Langlebigkeit aus und bietet dem Fahrer ein unglaubliches Erlebnis, das jeden begeisterten . The reduced volume results in lower weight of the Drive Unit and a smaller pedal distance, thus increasing the ergonomics. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email to confirm your order within 15 mins. You can ask your local dealer to route them outside and activate the light. Yes, it is possible. We have stock of FOCUS E Bikes for immediate sale. Over time, more and more services will be added offering you concrete benefits and added value in your daily work. The tubeless tyres also make it simple to ride over any surface. By far, the finest e-bike for commuting. On step-through models, the PowerPack rack battery allows the rider to mount and dismount safely. Our bike build videos can help you guide you through the final assembly required. Todays pedal-assisted electronic bikes boast powerful technology thats useful, efficient, and reliable without taking away the fun of paddling and the physical exercise that a cycle has to offer. From Shimano to Bosch electric bike drive systems, you can trust the brands in our range. We are currently experiencing shipping delays of up to 2-3 business days. Likewise you are pro-hibited from removing or altering copyright notices, logos and other identifiers or protec-tion notices. Well powered. The five available riding modes Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off can be easily and conveniently selected via the separate control unit depending on trip distance and the riders wishes, and even without it being necessary to take ones hands off the handlebar. These bikes are equipped with an auxiliary motor of up to 200 watts (legal number) and a throttle that can push the motor to a maximum speed of 25kph. Bosch - News For even more flow It comes with a powerful Bafang 500W geared brushless rear hub motor that enables you to travel at speeds of over 40kmph. Lets take a look at some of the best electric bikes available in Australia! BOSCH eBIKE SYSTEMS REPAIRS & UPGRADES Have your Bosch eBike serviced at home or work so you can keep moving. a) We informed you in good time about the claim asserted by the third party and How far can I still go? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It provides powerful acceleration and the ultimate uphill flow when eBiking off-road or in the mountains. Linking two Bosch batteries can deliver up to 1,250 Wh and thus provide even greater range. Thanks. Despite its compact design, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride due to its sturdy construction and a rear shock absorber that absorbs any little potholes on your journey. If you havent had the chance to try out an electric bike, give one a test today. The difference is the technology behind the design of the components. We stock and are able to order batteries for all models of electric bike we stock. You guarantee that,,,,,,,, aluminum frame gravel e-bike, high-end components, Alpha Platinum Aluminium, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), 100% Polyester, Highly durable dense weave polyester construction, Spacious main zip compartment, Mesh and solid side pockets, Elastic bungie fastening, Compact folding in seconds, Weld free magnesium alloy frame, Samsumg battery 7 Ah, Bafang Rear hub motor, 30Nm Torque Motor, WTB Horizon 650B x 47c Black Tyres, Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor, Specialized MasterMind TCU, 120 possible display configurations, Folding frame design, Powerful high-torque 250W electric motor, 12.8 Amp hour battery, Rail with smart system, OCLV Mountain Carbon main frame, Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), Easy Mount Kickstand, Frame Safe System, Agile Ride Geometry, Puncture-Resistant Tyres, Reflective Sidewall Striping, Removable Samsung Battery, BAFANG250W Geared Brushless Rear Hub, Samsung Lithium Ion 36V 13Ah, LCD 5 Speed Display, Treks Removable Integrated Battery (RIB), Its equipped with an external charging port for easy charging on or off the bike, The Purion controller has Walk Assist and an intelligent eMTB mode that automatically delivers the right amount of power based on your terrain, Integrated, removable 12.8Ah Samsung battery (Range: 60-100km), For added convenience,Cleverleytakes the test rides to you so you can test the bike in your neighbourhood or on your commute. Latest motors, large batteries, solid components. Active Braking Pivot, No license required, top speed of 25 km/h, Integrated bike computer with speedometer and odometer, Puncture-resistant tires with reflective sidewall striping, Estimated 20-50km range with pedal assist mode. The maximum tire width is: 27,5" max. 9.2 When you download the software, Bosch shall grant you the free and non-exclusive right to use the software in accordance with the instructions for the purpose of diagnostics and for the maintenance and/or troubleshooting of Bosch eBike systems. Plus, the integrated splash water and rock protection keep the metallic parts from getting rust. Robert Bosch GmbH 2023, all rights reserved. Bosch is undoubtedly the biggest name in e-bike systems today. Be careful that you don't drop the heavy battery. As you may have noticed, electric bikes can come in at neely double the price of their analogue models. We run full and half day guided E bike tours to National Parks so you can get the full E bike experience before you buy. Enter the Bosch eBike Systems Partner Portal and experience our growing platform for all digital services offered by Bosch eBike Systems. Your dealer can route them outside and can also connect a rear light to your battery. As Australias number one online marketplace where bike buyers and sellers can come together, BikeExchange is the best place to find your perfect electric bike. Bosch E Bike Systems | Melbourne Electric Bicycles 382 St Kilda Road, ST KILDA Ph: 03 9939 9894 OPEN 6 DAYS SEE STORE HOURS Massive End of Summer Sale - Don't Miss Out! Its no surprise their popularity is going through the roof! The ultra-lightweight frame houses a 1.2 E motor that has been tuned for city use. You may only register on the Bosch eBike Systems Dealer Portal once. 9.3 You are not entitled to distribute the software or otherwise to supply it to third parties (in-cluding hiring, leasing, lending or licensing). Connected all-round display for your eBike. We recommend to get updates for your bike. Electric and Power Assisted Bikes (E-Bikes) represent one of the fastest growing segments of the bicycle industry. Such content forms no basis for any responsibility on our part for the data and information provided there. Description:Applies to bicycle and EPACs and includes Condition 1 as well as unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate gradients. A permanently blocked access authorisation cannot be restored and the associated user account will be deactivated. The only thing easier is charging the Power Packs directly on the pedelec. You know youre in good hands when you choose your next ride from Crooze. We shall decide on whether to accept your offer at our own discretion. One of our friendly 99 Delivery team members will deliver your order. 8.4. 3,5 h;500 Wh: 50 % in approx. Select the battery that suits you. The integrated battery can be removed for charging. The Bosch eBike Systems portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit (motor and gearbox) and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Mountainbikes ePowered by Bosch eMountain Bikes, also known as eMTBs promise endless amounts of fun on any trail. Great motors, large batteries, superb geometry, solid components. Parks 5068 South Australia. The aforementioned liability restrictions shall also apply in the event of breaches of duty by the legal representatives or agents of Bosch. The above provisions shall also apply accordingly in order to remedy any contractual deficiencies. Electric bikes are ideal for any rider who wants to enjoy the benefits of cycling, but without the heavy exertion that comes with climbing steep hills. The exclusion will only be effective for as long as the incorrect or misleading personal content or information remains in your personal dealer profile or has not been corrected. The all-new Performance Line CX model packs powerful acceleration for smooth off-road riding. 11.3. Its dynamic drive impresses with high-performance support on any terrain: from flat to steep, from asphalt to trail. The S-Works Turbo Creo SL from Specialized is easily one of the finest electric bikes available, assuming you have the money for it. Your access data, including the passwords, must be kept secret and should never be made available to unauthorized third parties. Pre-Owned. Your user rights shall be restricted to access to the Bosch eBike Systems Dealer Portal and the use of the services available in the Bosch eBike Systems Dealer Portal within the framework of these terms and conditions for use. 15.1. Different factors have an impact on your range: Your weight, your luggage, the terrain you ride, which support mode you prefer and and even the temperature influence how long your battery will last. The Travel Charger weighs even less: The charging device for on the go weighs less than half a kilogram. A powerful Bafang mid-drive motor, integrated removable 12.8Ah Samsung-cell battery, high-grade hydraulic disc brakes, and the internal hub gear system from Shimano to provide convenience and simplicity. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you become aware of any illegal, wrongful or unauthorized use of the Bosch eBike Dealer Portal contrary to contract, you can write to Bosch GmbH, Gerhard-Kindler-Strae 3, 72770 Reutlingen or e-mail [email protected] to report such improper use. The 30 stem also ensures a pleasantly upright and ergonomic riding position. These General Terms and Conditions of Use (Terms of Use) only apply to the use of the Services (as defined below) provided via the Bosch eBike Systems Dealer Portal operated by Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty. In 2009 Bosch made history by evolving into mortors for E-bikes. Bosch eBike Systems reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use at any time even within the existing user relationships. Of course all groupsets that we offer in the different specs do fit: Shimano XT, SLX or DEORE and a SRAM SX Eagle. Schwinn Amalgam Adult Electric Bike, Hybrid Aluminum Frame, 7 Speed, 27.5-Inch Wheels, 375Wh Battery, Multiple Colors . Plus, you can get an optional backpedal function with the Active Line eBike. 2,8", 29" max. Many modern road bike manufacturers are following a trend of adopting wider, smooth tyres which reduce rolling resistance on textured road surfaces by altering the shape of the contact patch to be more efficient. They make for an easy ride and automatically turn off when you stop pedalling or hit the brakes. This includes an auxiliary power source that cannot exceed 250 watts and typically no manual throttle control. Whether picking up the kids from kindergarten or carrying the weekly shopping, cargo bikes are the alternative means of transport. Be curious what comes next. The optimal balance of performance and range is also a matter of pure enjoyment. Delivery times vary based on location. 100 mm suspension fork and mountain bike geometry guarantee a lot of fun on all terrains. [email protected]: Australia +61 1300 300 046 : [email protected] : New Zealand +64 800 111 581 : [email protected] : US +1 844 723 2453: [email protected] : 15. Inspires you to escape from your everyday life: the JARIFA encourages long rides thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance CX e-drive with up to 1550 Wh (with a second battery). This weight limit includes the whole system weight of bike, rider and all equipment. 4.4 We also reserve the right to exclude your personal dealer profile from the dealer search if the personal content and information uploaded by you to your personal dealer profile and used there is incorrect or misleading. Mounted on the handlebar, it offers greater safety and comfort during operation. E-bikes can be divided into two main categories: The more common type of e-bike is the Pedelec. The minor differences you may notice are slightly less agile steering as well as the added weight when picking the bike up off the ground or bunnyhopping. For this reason we cannot guarantee that every profile owner is in fact the person that they claim to be. Would you like to choose another language? Customisable Bosch Smart System with Performance CX e-drive, Kiox 300 display and 750 (size XS and S: 625) Wh battery. There is a range assistant by Bosch that can give you an idea: Intuitive operating convenience with switching recommendation. You must register in order to use these services. From Price 6199; E-mountain bike full suspension super leggera; 160/150 mm di escursione con F.O.L.D. eMountain bikes in detail Mountain bikes with electric motor support can generally be divided into two categories: Hardtail and Full-suspension. Remove the cover with the lock system, turn key, press button on top of the battery and hold the battery. Their reputation has been built on great customer service as well as always having the worlds best E-bikes, Scooters and Skateboards available. Call: 08 8166 7571. Electric Commuter & Hybrid Bikes are becoming one of the largest segments of E Bikes. XL. Select the product you are interested in, click delivery, type in your postcode, and select Bike Delivery. or Best Offer +$19.50 shipping They are seen as lean, green, commuting machines and offer a great alternative to catching public transport or commuting to work by car. You can terminate your free user relationship at any time by contacting our Bosch eBike Systems Service Hotline. They really know their ebikes. BOSCH PowerTube 750 Ebike Battery Horizontal Mount, The Smart System Compatible. Its screaming to be taken off the beaten path (theres plenty of room for knobby tires or just accumulating a lot of muck), and it charges from flat in just 3.5 hours, so you wont have to plan your excursions too far ahead. In the event that you completely terminate your Bosch eBike Systems Dealer Portal user account, we shall be entitled to irrevocably delete the data generated in association with your Bosch eBike Systems User Portal 30 calendar days after the termination comes into effect and after any statutory retention period has elapsed. The best part is, Boschs ebikes are typically compliant with the Australian street ebiking laws (be sure to check the manufacturers conformation label first). Your local 99 Bikes store will prepare your order ready for dispatch. The smart computer impresses with a variety of features and stylish design. 2104 Ads Most brands use an intelligent battery management system, which allows for protection from excessive temperature, overcharging and discharging.Bosch offer a tool to get a better estimate:, Charging time depends on the battery manufacturer and the battery capacity as well as how you charge it. 1,5 h, 100 % in approx. Or if you are up for a challenge, you can choose to turn off the battery. Their Crooze Gold Coast Workshop is staffed by world-class bicycle mechanics with a wealth of experience, acute attention to detail and access to the best tools. References and links to websites or third-party offers do not mean that we adopt the content behind the reference or link as our own. 11.1. Probably most panniers will fit. Do you have questions, requests or suggestions? An e-bike is equipped with a battery-powered motor, which is designed to complement pedalling rather than replace it. With the on-board computer Intuvia, you control your pedelec experience easily and intuitively. However, due to Australian laws, these bikes are only legally allowed to travel at 6kph without pedal assist. The MiRider One is a foldable e-bike thats ideal for travelers small enough to put on a train or under your desk, yet powerful enough to get you there fresh and ready to go. With a boost button and a throttle control to assist you get away quickly at crossroads and junctions, it has plenty of control. 5.0 out of 5 stars. This allows you to take it for a proper ride and test the bikes full capabilities on your local trails. These are most likely to be upgrade options or will come as standard on . The Bosch Power Packs combine high power and high performance. These are available for purchase through your local 99 Bikes store. The most modern eBike power sources on the market. Want a great all round bike that is easy to get on and off, then check this out and its on SALE. Advanced TREKKING Pro X Wave: UVP 4.399 . The closed housing make the Charger stable and resistant to dirt, and charging does not make any disturbing noises.

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