Taaki Taaki RUMBA!

No this brewery is neither owned by Diljit Dosanth nor is in affiliation with him, but yes it is indeed “Greatest Of All Times”

Amazing rooftop, courteous staff, ultra spicy masala papad(trust me it blew us away) and good to chug beer as everyone around appreciated.

Rumba Beer on the right. Beer+Rum=Perfect recipe for Winters

That’s a wheat beer on the left and on the right it’s RUMBA! It’s GOAT ‘s special beer.

On your right, let me introduce you the spiciest masala papad I have ever had. Two bites in and I was like asking for a bottle of water.(Nancy unaffected)

She can eat twenty green chilies and still be ok. Challenge her and she will gulp Ghost Pepper right in front of you.

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No, that’s not Nancy but has this much potential.

Meal for 2

INR 1000

~Appetitravel recommends~

“Fresh brewed Rumba”

It is adjacent to Clubhouse and is the property of Golden Tulip, Manali

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