A Well Done Chicken Tikka

Since 1970, this place is being run as their branding banner says. I am hopeful that my grandfather would have definitely tried out this place but forgot to pass on that information to me in his legacy.

Just like Nicholas Cage was after National Treasure, I am after food & this time it was my constant search to find the best chicken tikka in Delhi.

Now, when I say best it means, it should have the following must have properties.

  • It should be well cooked(properly roasted & toasted in earthen tandoor)
  • The pieces should not be large, 1.4inch to 2inch to the max.
  • Spicy and well garnished with coriander and lemon
  • Garlic would add to the joy.
  • Last but not the least, should remind me of the kababs I had in Leh Market square one fine evening.
  • This one doesn’t count but what is chicken tikka without diced onions and green chutney?

Chicken Tikka review

All of the above properties were precisely found in the dish they served to us. Spicy, juicy, properly made in a tandoor, sprinkled with a hint of lemon & garlic.

In a matter of 163 seconds, the plate of chicken tikka was finished. We had a company that day, so it was expected.

In original, we went there just to see if we can order a plate to beat instant hunger pangs meanwhile our friends were thinking of a place to go. After finishing the first plate, we immediately decided to not go anywhere else but order whole heartedly and make it our last of the day – Dinner time!

This place is quite economical for a Sunday night dinner.

Main Course – Dinner Time!

We tried Chicken Tawa, Dal Makhni, and Chicken Kadhai in the main course. Breads selection was also pretty well done.

Tawa Chicken
Chicken Tawa
Dal Makhani
Dal Makhni

Talking about the main course, all the dishes were delicious. This was all to our surprise, and by the time we were wrapping up the meal, we decided to repeat this place anytime soon.

Fun fact: We have already repeated this place twice and more to go.

Meal for 2

INR 400

~Appetitravel recommends~

CHICKEN TIKKA is not to be missed here.

Kamal Indian Mughlai by Appetitravel

It is just one block from Essex farms, Delhi

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