Awesome Sandwiches

If you don’t want to use your brains, and just feeling like having something to fill your stomach and with no compromise to your taste buds then YELL CAFE is the place to be.

Right in the heart of South Delhi, this little cafe is ready to serve you the best of the best sandwiches you would have ever had. Let me explain a bit more, why I say the best.

What comprises of a sandwich?

a. A fresh bread
b. Ample vegetables and fillings as per your order(potato, beetroot, chicken, lamb & so on.)
c. It should neither be dry nor soggy but should have the right amount of cheese+mayonnaise+ketchup.
d. Seasonings
e. Warm is preferable to many
f. Accompanied by fries
g. Mustard and other dips
h. Coleslaw
i. Well, the secret of every cafe, basically something to YELL for!

Now, if I say, just look at the image below, do you find anything missing.

Veggit Sandwich

NO, right.

If I now tell you this sandwich named “The Veggit Mozzarella Sandwich” had a super soft bread, aptly filled inside with juicy vegetables like zucchini, onion, bell peppers, tomato to name a few) layered with cheese and tangy sauce paired with mayonnaise which was of just the right amount. Nicely prepared and topped with seasonings. Would you still not call it one of the best? 😀

What did we order?

– The Veggit Mozzarella Sandwich
– Fiery chicken wings with YELL Sauce
– Mixed sauce pasta

Yell Cafe

Meal for 2

INR 700

~Appetitravel recommends~

“Try their panini sandwiches, they are amazing”

Yell Cafe

Right in the middle of Defence Colony, New Delhi

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